Pickleback Shots

The Best Chaser

Pickle juice is rising in popularity as a chaser to whiskey and tequila shots. Often featuring a shot of Jameson Irish Whiskey, the "Pickleback" is a tasty alternative to other sugary shot pairings. Most hangovers are obviously caused by an overconsumption of alcohol, but another culprit is sugar! Opt for a sugarless, zero calorie chaser and you'll thank yourself later. Additionally, the electrolytes in pickle juice can even help prevent a hangover.

Here's What You'll Need

  • At least 2 shot glasses
  • Your favorite whiskey (you can also use tequila or any other preferred alcohol)
  • Pickle juice (we recommend our easy-to-pour Pikl'up pouches)

Simply pour each into the glasses, then throw back a shot of that whiskey. Immediately follow with the pickle juice shot. We have a feeling you'll want to repeat those steps a few more times...